Call for Papers

Download the final Call for Papers (updated on Sept. 12, 2023)

Conference Topics

Technologies for wireless power
• Microwatts to megawatts
• Near-field inductive and capacitive transfer
• Far-field and radiative wireless power transfer
• Energy Harvesting / Scavenging
• Acoustic, optical and solar transfer
• Directional and omni-directional transfer
• Static and dynamic wireless charging
• Power management and power electronics

Materials, components and circuits in wireless power
• Coupler design and compensation techniques
• Thermal, mechanical, structural system design
• Materials, components, and systems considerations
• Detection, alignment, communications, control
• High frequency power transmitters and rectifiers
• High frequency coils, rectennas and rectenna arrays
• Backscattering, RFIDs and electronic tags
• Devices & circuits for energy harvesting / scavenging

Applications of wireless power technologies
• Electric vehicles: scooters, cars, buses, trucks, trains
• Mobile, wearable and implantable devices
• Smart environments, buildings, industrial plants
• Precision agriculture and predictive maintenance
• Underwater and complex environments
• EMC/EMI, safety, foreign object detection
• Standards, regulations and biological effects
• Techno-economics, policy and societal impact

and Other WPT Technologies and Applications