General Information

(Updated on May 9, 2024.)

General Information

1. How to Check-in at Registration Desk

On your arrival at the Registration Desk in the conference venue, please line up for your name badge and conference bag.

Name badges will be printed and prepared by the organizer, and sorted in alphabetical order by surname.

For example, if your name is John Smith, you should line up in front of the table “S”.

2. Conference Proceedings and Workshops/School Presentation Material

Around 12:30 on May 6, 2024 Japan time (UTC+9), we sent an email to all the registered and paid attendees with the download information (URL link and password) of the Conference Proceedings and/or Workshops/School Presentation Material.

Also, you can find the download information on the back side of your name badge, which will be given to you at the Registration Desk.

3. Lunch

Many of you have already ordered “lunch boxes” in the Registration System, and we have already closed accepting new orders.
Even if you have not ordered lunch beforehand, there is a restaurant and a convenience store in the conference venue building, so you should be able to find something or somewhere to eat for lunch.

For those who have ordered lunch boxes beforehand, we will give you lunch tickets along with your name badge. Please come to the lunch distribution table on the 1st floor of Obaku Plaza, the conference’s main venue building.

You can eat in the following rooms:
1. Room C (Seminar Room 4+5 in Obaku Plaza)
2. Rest Area (Seminar Room 1+2 in Obaku Plaza)
3. Room D (Hybrid Space in Obaku Plaza) (on May 9, 10, and 11 only)
4. Room B (3rd Floor of Wood Composite Hall)

* Please note that eating and drinking are NOT allowed in Room A (Kihada Hall in Obaku Plaza)

If weather permits, having lunch on the grass outside the Obaku Plaza building may be a pleasant experience!

After you have finished with your lunch, please bring the empty box (garbage) back to the distribution table.

4. Breakfast

On the mornings of May 9, 10, and 11, we will offer a light breakfast for the participants in Room D (Hybrid Space in Obaku Plaza). Light meals and coffee will be prepared from 8:30 to 9:30.

5. Accompanying Persons

If you have registered your family member(s) as “Accompanying Person,” please bring them to the Registration Desk to receive their name badges. We can only give the name badges directly to them face to face.

6. Free Wi-Fi

In almost all the buildings and facilities in Uji Campus of Kyoto University, a Wi-Fi network called “Eduroam” is available.
We will provide each of the registered participants with a unique Eduroam ID and Password, which can be found on the back side of the name badge.

Also, other than the Eduroma network, we will provide another free Wi-Fi network that can be connected in the certain areas in/around the session rooms as follows:
WPTCE2024_Area_A   (in Room A/Kihada Hall, Obaku Plaza)
WPTCE2024_Area_B   (in Room A/Kihada Hall, Obaku Plaza)
WPTCE2024_Area_C   (in Room B/3rd Floor of Wood Composite Hall)
WPTCE2024_Area_D   (in Room C/Seminar Room 4+5, Obaku Plaza)
WPTCE2024_Area_E   (in Room D/Hybrid Space, Obaku Plaza)
WPTCE2024_Area_F   (in Room D/Hybrid Space, Obaku Plaza)
WPTCE2024_Area_G   (Rest Area/Seminar Room 1+2, Obaku Plaza)
WPTCE2024_Area_H   (Registration Area/1st Floor of Obaku Plaza)

7. Certificate of Participation (new)

We will send a “Certificate of Participation” to each one of the participants who attended WPTCE2024 in Kyoto after the conference, hopefully, around May 14, 2024.

8. No Bag Stock Places in Venue (new)

Please do not bring big bags with you to the conference venue, as we do not have space for bag storage. (The storage areas are used only for the staff and exhibitors.)