WPT Demonstrations by Advanced Exhibitors

WPT Demonstrations by Advanced Exhibitors

Some of our exhibitors are conducting a WPT demonstrations at an anechoic chamber called A-METLAB, which is about five (5) minutes away from the conference’s main venue, Obaku Plaza, from 9:00 to 10:30 on Friday, May 10, 2024.

All the WPTCE2024 participants can see the WPT demonstrations without any advance reservations. Please directly go to A-METLAB, and experience the live demonstrations!

List of Exhibitors (WPT Demonstrations)

Panasonic Holdings Corp.

*Description of Demonstration
Our demonstration system is a distributed wireless power transmission system using a sub-GHz band. This system has cooperated and synchronized multiple transmitters and can create power “hotspots” at any designated location. Our system does not need a large array antenna. In this demonstration, 16 small transmitters are set up, each transmitting low-power microwaves—250 mW at a frequency of 920 MHz. Our special algorithm enables rapidly controlling these power hotspots, dynamically following the receiver position. This system is suitable for low-middle power IoT devices such as sensors, trackers, and ESLs. During the demonstration, you’ll witness the formation and manipulation of these power hotspots in real-time.

*Frequency (GHz):   0.92GHz
*Radiation Power Level (W):   Max 1W×16 sets

SoftBank Corp., Kyoto Univ., Kanazawa Institute of Tech.

*Description of Demonstration
Society5.0 based on DX technologies is a good concept for our lives to be more convenient and realize more sustainable social systems.
In these next-generation societies, IoT and sensor technologies are necessary.
The drastic growth of IoTs and sensors will make us face a problem with power management and supply to a huge number of devices.
In our challenges, the ways of power supplying and charging batteries are proposed in 6G, contributing to drastic changes in daily charging routines.
We will show you a coexistence system of wireless power and information transfer. Our demonstration shows the below system and equipment:
・Beam-WPT system based on OFDM at the mm-wave mobile band.
・Switching system for the coexistence of beam WPT and communication.
・Low-cost and simple antenna design for beam WPT beamformer fabricated by Kyoto University.
・High-efficiency rectifiers designed by Kanazawa Institute of Technology.

*Frequency (GHz):   29.3 GHz
*Radiation Power Level (W):   From 36 dBm to 46 dBm


*Description of Demonstration
Toyoda Gosei is developing microwave power receiving application as a development and manufacturing partner of Ossia.
These devices were released at CES2024 as being compatible with Ossia Cota system.
The power semiconductor technology that Toyoda Gosei has developed and Ossia’s WPT will continue to be integrated in the future.

*Frequency (GHz):   5752MHz
*Radiation Power Level (W):   from 9 to 15W

Powercast Corp.

*Description of Demonstration
Powercast will be demonstrating our PowerSpot® Transmitter and Powerharvester® Receiving Devices using our PCC110 RF-to-DC converter chip. The PowerSpot Transmitter broadcasts radio waves in the unlicensed 915MHz ISM band for remote power and data. The transmitter and receivers operate as an end-to-end system to wirelessly recharge batteries or supercapacitors and power battery-free applications. Demonstrations will include consumer electronics applications, Powercast’s PCT100 RFID Sensor Tags supporting temperature, humidity and light level measurements, battery-free Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors, fabric substrate rectennas, and more!

*Frequency (GHz):   0.915GHz
*Radiation Power Level (W):   1W (3W EIRP)

Ossia, Inc.

Space Power Technologies Inc.

*Description of Demonstration
24GHz band and 5.7GHz band Wireless Power Transmission at a distance
We are developing a 5.7GHz band WPT system for power supply to IoT devices and small actuators in factories, warehouses, distribution centers, etc. We are also developing a 24GHz band WPT system for charging smartphones and tablet devices in offices or stores, etc., and for sensing infrastructure inspection outdoors. It is also expected to powering lunar rovers.
24 GHz band WPT allows radio waves to be concentrated in a smaller area, so power can be transmitted with high efficiency with little leakage of radio waves, and it is possible to eliminate the impact on human bodies near and mitigate interference to radiocommunication significantly.
We will demonstrate:
24GHz band focused microwave from 256 element allay antenna transmit power to small area around 8cm diameter and a rectenna supplies several watts to devices at 1 meter distance.
5.7GHz band system transmit power to the receiver, and the receiver supplies several watts to devices at 0.6meters distance. In the case of receiver moved to other position, the system control the beam to transmit power to the new position of the receiver.

*Frequency (GHz):
*Radiation Power Level (W):
24GHz band、20W
5.7GHz band、32W