Student Competition 3rd-Stage (SWPC)

IEEE Global Student Wireless Power Competition (SWPC)

The demonstrations for the 3rd stage (the final stage) of the IEEE Global Student Wireless Power Competition (SWPC) will be conducted at an anechoic chamber called A-METLAB, which is about five (5) minutes away from the conference’s main venue, Obaku Plaza, from 13:30 to 15:00 on Thursday, May 9, 2024.

All the WPTCE2024 participants (who registered for the Technical Sessions) can see the demonstrations conducted by the finalist teams without any advance reservations. Please directly go to A-METLAB, and experience the live demonstrations!

List of the Finalist Teams

Title Team Name Leader’s Name School Name Country/Region
A Wireless-Power-Transfer-Based Three-Phase PMSM Drive System With Matrix Converter ElectriXcel Yinzhen Shen Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Southeast University China
Omnidirectional Wireless Charging of Battery-Free Drones in Emerging Unmanned Factories Sustainable SpaceX Charging Kaiyuan Wang Nanyang Technological University Singapore
A Single-stage AC/DC Wireless Charger with High Power Factor Green Tech Tuan Manh Nguyen National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System for Cochlear Implant Neurostimulation BKIC Quynh-Trang Nguyen Hanoi University of Science and Technology Vietnam
Novel Lightweight and Misalignment-Tolerant for UAV Wideband Wireless Charging WPT lightweight research group Pengcheng Cao Harbin Engineering University China
Wireless Power Transfer System with High Misalignment Tolerance Using Variable Capacitor Technique NCHU handsome teams Hsu Ching-Hsuan National Chung Hsing University Taiwan
Hybrid Energy Harvesting in Drone-Assisted Sensor Networks WPT-911 Yasser Qaragoez University of Leuven Belgium
Wireless Powered Flight WPT Aveiro R&D Ricardo Pereira University of Aveiro Portugal
It’s more than chess ITMO WPT Altana Tsyrinova ITMO University Russia
Robust Wireless Charging of Multi-robots in Smart Community Panda-WPT Jiamin Zheng University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China


SWPC Winners (New!)

Best Demonstration Award:
Wireless Power Transfer System with High Misalignment Tolerance Using Variable Capacitor Technique
Team Name:   NCHU handsome teams, (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan)

Outstanding Demonstration Awards:
Wireless Powered Flight
Team Name:   WPT Aveiro R&D, (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

It’s more than chess
Team Name:   ITMO WPT (ITMO University, Russia)