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WPTCE2024 consists of “Technical Sessions (from May 9 to 11, 2024)” and “WPT Workshop & School (on May 8, 2024),” and they have separate registration fees, as you can see in the table below.

Registration Fee Table Early
(until 13:00, March 18, 2024 (UTC+9))
(after 13:00, March 18 until 13:00, May 11, 2024 (UTC+9))
Technical Sessions from May 9 to 11
IEEE MTT-S/PELS Member JPY 75,000 JPY 100,000
IEEE Member JPY 85,000 JPY 111,000
IEEE Life Member JPY 45,000 JPY 55,000
Non-Member Regular JPY 100,000 JPY 125,000
IEEE MTT-S/PELS Student Member JPY 45,000 JPY 55,000
IEEE Student Member JPY 50,000 JPY 60,000
Non-Member Student JPY 60,000 JPY 70,000
WPT Workshop & School on May 8
Regular JPY 35,000 JPY 35,000
Student JPY 20,000 JPY 20,000

(* 1 USD is about 150 JPY as of February 19, 2024)
(* The registration fees include 10% Japanese Consumption Tax.)
(* The fees will be changed from “Early” to “Late” on March 18, but the presenters registration deadline is March 10, 2024.)

1. Who needs to register?

Everyone wishing to attend WPTCE2024 should register for participation through the WPTCE2024 Registration System. (Some of you may be exempted from paying the registration fee, but those people will be notified from our committee.)

You can register for either  “WPT Workshop & School (on May 8, 2024)” or “Technical Sessions (from May 9 to 11, 2024),” or you can register for both.
(* Technical sessions consist of “Regular Sessions,” “Special Sessions,” “Poster Sessions,” “Plenary Talks,” “Keynote Speeches,” “Panel Sessions,” and “Student Wireless Power Competition (SWPC)“.)

The registration fees include the following items:
* entrance to session rooms
* coffee breaks
* entrance to exhibition area
* participation in Welcome Reception (for those registered for Technical Sessions only)

The registration fees DO NOT include the following items:
* hotel accommodations (please reserve hotel room(s) by yourselves)
* participation in Conference Banquet (15,000 JPY per person required)

2. Presenters Registration

At least one author of each accepted paper (for Regular Sessions, Special Sessions, and Poster Sessions) must register for WPTCE2024 as a presenter by paying a non-refundable registration fee.
Presenters at Regular Sessions, Special Session, and Poster Sessions must complete their registration and payment by 18:00, March 10, 2024 (Hawaii time, or UTC-10), otherwise the papers with no registered presenters will be “excluded” from the Final Program and the Conference Proceedings.

3. Membership

Members of “IEEE MTT-S,” “IEEE PELS,” and “IEEE” can take advantage of selecting the discounted fee, as shown in the table above. Please note that, if you select a member fee, you may be asked to show your member ID on your arrival at the registration desk at the venue.

4. Student Participants

In order to select the discounted “Student” fee, you must write your “supervisor’s name” in the registration form. You are also required to show your student ID on your arrival at the Registration Desk at the Conference Venue.
(* In order to take the student rate, you need to be a student at the time of the conference from May 8 to 11, 2024.)
(* Student presenters can select the Student fee to give their presentations.)

5. Additional Presentations

One registration for “Technical Sessions (from May 9 to 11)” includes presentation fees as follows:
a) one (1) presentation fee for a Regular Session or Poster Session, and/or
b) one (1) or more presentation fee(s) for Special Sessions with no maximum limit.
In case you have multiple papers accepted for Regular Sessions and/or Poster Sessions, please pay an additional 20,000 JPY for each of your extra presentations. You can pay the Additional Presentation fees in the registration system.

6. Welcome Reception

One registration for “Technical Sessions (from May 9 to 11)” covers participation in the Welcome Reception, which is scheduled to be held at the conference venue on the evening of May 8, 2024, with no additional fee required.  To participate in this event, you need to check “Yes” in the registration system no later than 13:00 April 4, 2024 (Japan time, or UTC+9).

7. Conference Banquet

The Conference Banquet is scheduled to be held on the evening of May 10, 2024.  To participate in this event, you need to buy a banquet ticket (15,000 JPY per person, tax included) in the registration system no later than 13:00 April 4,, 2024 (Japan time, or UTC+9).

8. Accompanying Persons

Accompanying persons should be your family or relative, such as your spouse (husband or wife), life partner, sibling (brother or sister), child, etc., who will not attend the conference sessions (“Technical Sessions” and “WPT Workshop & School”) but will participate in the conference’s official events, such as the “Welcome Reception,” “Conference Banquet,” etc.
Please note that Accompanying Persons cannot attend the conference sessions at WPTCE2024.
Those who are interested in participating in the conference sessions should register for WPTCE2024 independently.
You can register your accompanying person(s) in the registration system, but this must be done no later than 13:00 April 4,, 2024 (Japan time, or UTC+9).

9. Payment Method

You can select the payment method from two options, “credit card” or “bank transfer.”
Payments by “credit card” will be accepted through the on-line Credit Card Settlement System operated by DG Financial Technology Inc., which can be accessed from the WPTCE2024 Registration System.
>> Acceptable Card Types: VISA, MASTER, Amex, Diners, JCB

Payments by “bank transfer” must be completed within 10 days from the registration date.

10. Registration Desk

The Registration Desk will be open during the following hours (TBD):
May 8 (Wed.): 8:40-18:15
May 9 (Thu.): 8:40-18:30
May 10 (Fri.): 8:40-17:00
May 11 (Sat.): 8:40-18:30

Detailed information about “how to check-in” will be shown in this page around the end of April 2024.

11. Cancellation

In the event of cancellation, no refund will be made after the completion of payment, no matter what the reason may be.

12. Privacy Policy

WPTCE2024 Steering Committee will retain the personal information of those who have registered for this conference and use it only for announcements and communication regarding their participation in WPTCE2024. Also, the privacy policy of WPTCE2024 conforms to “IEEE’s Privacy Policy