Information for Advanced Exhibitors

Information of  Exhibitiors

(updated on April 12, 2024)

WPT Demonstrations at A-METLAB:

WPT demonstrations at an anechoic chamber will be held at “A-METLAB,” which is about five (5) minutes away from the main venue of this conference (Obaku Plaza).


The following is the schedule of the WPT Demonstrations at A-METLAB.
[May 9, 2024]
15:30-18:30 Exhibitors’ Preparation
[May 10, 2024]
8:00-9:00 Exhibitors’ Preparation
9:00-10:30 WPT Demonstrations
10:30-12:30 Dismantlement and Removal by the Exhibitors (Please complete the removal by 12:30.)
*If you wish to send your packages to the conference venue, please arrange them as follows:
Dr. Bo Yang
WPTCE2024 WPT Demonstrations
A-METLAB (Bldg. No. 83)
Uji Campus, Kyoto University
Gokasho, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011
(Phone number will be informed to you by email.)

Packages should be delivered during the following hours:
May 9: from 8:30 to 18:00

* If you wish to bring in your demonstration material directly to A-METLAB using your company’s own car, please let us know beforehand by email before 13:00 April 18, 2022, Japan time (UTC+9). In that case, please let us know whether the car is a large vehicle (大型車両 in Japanese) or not.

* You can also tentatively stock your demonstration material in your booth at “Hybrid Space” in Obaku Plaza, and carry it to A-METLAB. If you need help in carrying the material to A-METLAB, please let us know beforehand by email before 13:00 April 18, 2022, Japan time (UTC+9).

*Regarding how to send the package back to your office, we will let you know at the conference venue.



Each WPT demonstration booth will come with a power outlet of 100V, 3A. In case you need more power for your WPT demonstration, please contact us.
The demonstrations will be held in an anechoic chamber, so both near-field and far-field WPT demonstrations can be performed.
The energy density of far-field radiation should be less than 100 mW/cm2, and the radiation direction must be towards the absorbers on the wall of the room, not towards attendees, or adjacent booths.

Exhibitors of WPT Demonstrations at A-METLAB
・ Powercast
・ WiTricity
・ Ossia, Inc
・ Panasonic Holdings Corp.
・ SoftBank Corp., Kyoto Univ., Kanazawa Institute of Tech.
・ Space Power Technologies Inc.
・ Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
(The booth positions will be fixed around the middle of April 2024.)