Paper Submission

Paper Submission

(updated on January 24, 2024)

Thank you! Paper submission has been closed!

The paper submission system was closed at 16:00 on January 23, 2024 (Hawaii Time, or UTC-10).


We have changed the maximum and minimum limit of the page number for both “the manuscripts for review” and “final manuscripts.”
The manuscripts for review must  be 2 to 4 pages, and the final manuscripts must be 4 to 6 pages.

1. Overview

WPTCE2024 will consist of the following six (6) presentation contents:
1. WPT Workshop (to be held on May 8, 2024)
2. WPT School (to be held on May 8, 2024)
3. Regular Sessions (oral) (to be held on May 9-11, 2024)
4. Special Sessions (oral) (to be held on May 9-11, 2024)
5. Panel Sessions (to be held on May 9-11, 2024)
6. Poster Sessions (to be held on May 9-11, 2024)

WPT Workshop, Special Sessions, and Panel Sessions will be planned by session organizers, and the presenters and/or panelists will be solicited by the session organizers. (If you are interested in organizing a session, see here.)

On the other hand, Regular Sessions and Poster Sessions will consist of contributed papers. (There may be some invited papers in Regular Sessions.)

WPT School will be organized by the WPTCE2024 Steering Committee.

2. Paper Submission

Authors for Regular Sessions (oral), Special Sessions (oral), and Poster Sessions must submit a PDF manuscript for review to our Paper Submission System called EDAS. All the submitted manuscripts will undergo our peer-review process. Determination of oral or poster will be made by our Technical Program Committee.

For submission, you should use the “template” below.

Please note that this template is based on the IEEE paper template, but we have made a minor modification.  You must not put any text at the bottom of the first page, although the original IEEE template has a copyright notice there. The copyright notice will be later added on our end after the final manuscripts of the accepted papers have been submitted to EDAS.

Download the paper template for WPTCE2024.

If you are a LaTeX user, you can use the original IEEE Manuscript LaTeX template, but please be sure to remove the text at the footer before you convert it into a PDF file.

The manuscripts for review must  be 2 to 4 pages, and the final manuscripts must be 4 to 6 pages.

<Submission Deadlines>
– Manuscripts for review:    January 8  >> January 22, 2024 (23:59 Hawaii Time (or UTC-10))
– Final manuscripts:     February 26 >> March 11, 2024

3. EDAS Paper Submission System

We use EDAS for both initial and final paper submissions.

>>> Go to EDAS Paper Submission System for WPTCE2024   (closed on January 23, 2024)

[Steps for Paper Submissions]
1) Create an EDAS account of your own, if you do not have one.

2) Go to the EDAS Paper submission System for WPTCE2024. (closed on January 23, 2024)

3) Enter the title and abstract of your paper. They should be the same as those in your manuscript file (PDF) to be uploaded later.

4) Authors of Regular/Poster Sessions should select two (2) session topics from the pull-down lists. This will help us sort out all the submissions for our review process. Please do not select “Special Session” topics unless you have been invited to submit a paper by the Special Session organizers.  Authors of Special Sessions should select the very topic for the session you have been invited to by the organizer.

5) After your paper is registered in EDAS, then you should upload the manuscript file (PDF) of your paper into EDAS through your account page. This must be done by the initial paper submission deadline, 23:59 on January 8 >> January 22, 2024 Hawaii Time (or UTC-10).

6) Automatic messages will be sent to you from EDAS after you have completed your submission.  Then, please wait till you receive the “Notification of Acceptance/Rejection” email, which will be sent to all the authors around the end of January  >> February 12 February 19, 2024.

7) Authors of the accepted papers should then upload the “final manuscript (PDF)” into EDAS by February 26, 2024. (How to prepare the final manuscripts will be updated on this page in January 2024.)

8) The presenters of the accepted papers must register for the Technical Sessions of WPTCE2024 by paying a non-refundable registration fee by February 26 >> March 11, 2024. (The registration will open around the end of January 2024.)

4. Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore

All the accepted papers (for Regular Sessions (oral), Special Sessions (oral), and Poster Sessions) will be included in the Conference Proceedings, which will be electronically distributed to the WPTCE2024 participants during the conference, under the conditions that:
1. the finial manuscript is uploaded to EDAS by February 26 >> March 11, 2024, and
2. one of the authors (or the presenter) completes his/her registration with the completion of the payment of the registration fee by February 26 >>  March 11, 2024.

After the conference, all the “full-length” papers for Regular Sessions (oral), Special Sessions (oral), and Poster Sessions presented at WPTCE2024 will be included in IEEE Xplore. (Papers that were not presented (no show) will be excluded.)

Also, the copyright of all the accepted papers for Regular/Special/Poster Sessions should be transferred to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), excluding some of the Special Session papers.

* IEEE defines plagiarism as the use of someone else’s prior ideas, processes, results, data, algorithms, or words without explicitly acknowledging the original author and/or source.
This includes:
•Verbatim copying of another author’s work.
•Paraphrasing, or rewording another author’s text but having the same meaning, is forbidden. (Paraphrasing a small section of a paper is permitted if it is properly cited.)
•Using data from another author’s paper must be properly cited.
•Artificial Intelligence generation of any part of a paper is forbidden.