Instructions for Session Chairs

Instructions for Session Chairs

Thank you for serving as a session chair! We appreciate and thank you for your assistance with this important task.

Please read the instructions below to chair your session.

1. Meet the Presenters and Check “No Show”
Arrive at the session room early and make sure the presenters are there. Greet them and check their names. If any of the presenters does not show up, please mark “no show” for the presentation in the on-line “WPTCE2024 Session Chair Feedback Form,” which will be displayed in the session chair’s PC prepared in each session room.

2. Keep the Presentations on Schedule
Explain timing to the presenters and let them know you will give them a signal when there is a certain amount of time left for the talk by ringing a bell. Each paper should start on time and end on time. The adherence to the published times is critical for attendees changing sessions to see a given presentation.
If a speaker is absent, you may allow an extended discussion of the previous talk to fill the time. If the first speaker in the session is a no-show, delay the start of your session to the time for the next paper. Do not change the timing of the remaining papers in the session.

3. Announcement to Attendees
Remind attendees to turn off cellphone ringers (including the speakers).
Remind the audience that the use of cameras, or any recording equipment, during presentations is strictly prohibited. Should you observe cameras or recording equipment in use during the session, make announcement banning their use and ask that the room immediately comply with this policy, and then resume the session.

If you encounter any trouble or problem during your session, please talk to the session assistants in your session room.